Property Tax Loans

Deborah Ratchford closing photo.jpg


Deborah has a disability and receives SSI as her primary income source; she and her nephew with whom she lives, were unable to pay their 2018 property tax bill. Deborah was worried about her tax bill being sold to a third party. LHOME was able to step in and help Deborah with a Property Tax Assistance Loan for $786. LHOME is also assisting her in creating a savings plan for future property taxes. We are pleased to have been able to give Deborah peace of mind.


Frances lives in the home her parents bought in 1964. Located off Broadway in West Louisville, it is a large, 99-year-old, three-story house. Based on her assessment, it is in desperate need of repair including insulation, exterior fixes, new ceilings, and window replacement. Frances believes that because of the house’s condition she would not be able to get a home equity line of credit. Because the house is becoming too much to maintain and she is retired and lives alone, Frances has decided to sell her family home. Her house, however, has a tax lien from a third-party purchaser and unpaid current property taxes. She came to LHOME for help paying both the third-party owner and her current taxes. Through a Property Tax Assistance Loan of $2,293, LHOME was able to help release Frances from her tax lien and get her house ready to sell. We are pleased to have helped Frances become prepared to downsize and move into a home better suited for retirement.