Small Business Loans



Khalid, a Somali refugee, initially came to LHOME for a loan to buy a truck to start his own transport business. After receiving the funds, he and his family looked for a road tractor for three weeks. They decided that a road tractor was too expensive to buy and maintain. So, Khalid came back to LHOME to repurpose his original loan amount to benefit the grocery store in which he is a partner. His new loan is still a Small Business Loan for $15,000 which helped Al Muna Grocery: Halal Meat buy extra merchandise in preparation for Ramadan. His partner, Yesuf, also received a $12,000 loan from LHOME. Khalid and his partner both have Sharia-compliant loans and are paying a monthly fee rather than interest. The combined $27,000 investment and the two families’ hard work has their grocery up and running at 2115 7th St. LHOME is proud to be a part of this successful business.


Timothy is a prime example of the American Dream. He came to the United States eight years ago as a Burmese refugee. Now he happily lives in Louisville with his wife and son. Last year he was able to open an AFC Sushi Franchise in a Kroger Store in Louisville. This year, in his second year of business, Timothy was looking to expand his inventory and offerings. He has already put $15,000 of his own funds into the franchise, so he turned to LHOME for a Small Business Loan. LHOME was able to offer him $7,000 in operating capital to buy inventory. This loan will allow him to expand the store’s fresh offerings as well as increase revenue. LHOME is thrilled to be able to help Timothy show his 4-year-old son, Victor, what the American Dream is all about.

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Morteza has lifelong experience from Afghanistan where his family has long been engaged in tailoring and alteration of fine cloth. He has used that experience doing work for upscale companies both abroad and in the United States. He has decided to open his own storefront at 1570 Bardstown Road in the Highlands Neighborhood where he will continue to do alterations as well as showcase his own designs. Thanks to a $15,000 Small Business Loan and support from LHOME along with the Navigate Enterprise Center at Jewish Family and Career Services, Morteza will be using updated machines and equipment to design and create his products. We encourage you to contact Rahimi’s services at (502) 386-5736.



Yussuf is a Somali refugee with a wife and two children. He owns a delivery service and transports goods between the United States and Canada.  He loves America and knows if he works hard he can build a good life for his family.  In addition to supporting his immediate family, Yussuf supports almost forty family members still in Somalia.  He received small business loans and business coaching services from LHOME and our community partner the Navigate Enterprise Center at Jewish Family and Career Service.  LHOME structures loans to the Muslim community to be Sharia-compliant.  This means our clients pay a service fee instead of interest.  Yussuf is grateful to LHOME for helping him build wealth for his family. 


Farhiyo and Ismail

LHOME made a loan to Farhiyo and Ismail to purchase enough merchandise to start their store. The couple are Somali refugees who came to the U.S. six years ago, with their five-year-old daughter Hamdi, leaving 9 children behind. The Navigate Enterprise Center at Jewish Family and Career Services provided technical assistance and helped with their business plan. Prior to working with LHOME and JFCS, starting up a business in America was confusing and seemed out of reach. With our help, however, the two could capitalize their shop and are well on their way to sustaining operations well into the future. Ismail explains that when the shelves are full and varied in options of colors and sizing, customers return far more often to make repeat purchases. Owning their own business and having flexible hours allows Farhiyo to pray, mind the shop, and take care of her daughter, while also allowing Ismail to work part-time as needed.



Aretta is fulfilling her dream of owning her own business. LHOME provided her with a $6,000 Small Business Loan to help launch Bluegrass Companion Care, LLC. Her business provides social services to improve the quality of life for the elderly and individuals with disabilities. Among other uses, the loan will be used to help get a company logo and have brochures designed and printed. This allows Aretta to effectively advertise and market her business. LHOME is proud to have been able to help Aretta begin providing this valuable service in our community.



Lazaro is an entrepreneur. A Cuban asylee, Lazaro has been successful in the United States. He has been in the trucking industry for two years and is the proud owner of his own trucking dispatch company. As with any vehicle that is heavily utilized, Lazaro’s truck was becoming too expensive to maintain. He came to LHOME looking for a loan to purchase a new truck. LHOME was able to assist him with a $15,000 Small Business Loan. A new truck will allow him to reduce maintenance costs while doubling his income. We are delighted to have helped Lazaro build wealth for his family.