Types of Investment

CDFI funding contributes to economic growth and revitalization in Louisville’s underserved communities. Flourishing businesses and homeowners are vital to the resilience of every neighborhood.


Investments in LHOME are opportunities for traditional banks to partner in community development. CRA investment capital funneled to local communities stimulates economic growth and encourages client development. Investment of industry expertise also cultivates financially-fit small businesses and home owners.


Grant making to LHOME is impact investing. Funds for LHOME go directly to financial coaching, capacity and credit building of loan clients, and critical lending activity. Grant funding is highly leveraged with loan capital from philanthropy, financial institutions, private corporations and the public sector.

Individual Donors

Regardless of the amount, individual donations to LHOME provide valuable loan capital. Your donations are used to help fund loans to our clients who may not be able to get capital at traditional lending organizations.

Invest in LHOME—invest in a better