Our Mission

LHOME is a Nonprofit Community Development Loan Fund investing in under-served housing markets and small businesses to contribute to local economic development and to create thriving communities.

The purpose of LHOME is to combat community deterioration and relieve poverty in economically disadvantaged areas of Metropolitan Louisville through: community development and revitalization programs; projects and activities that stimulate the development of affordable housing; micro-enterprise development in such areas by low-income individuals; job creation, and engagement in other charitable and educational activities consistent with this purpose.


Loan Review Committee

Advisory Committee

LHOME is a community development loan fund.  As such, we provide affordable, accessible loans that will be repaid by our customers so that we can make them available to other community members.  The Loan Review Committee reviews every loan package that is prepared by LHOME’s loan officers.  Underwriting criteria are reviewed and include character, capacity, credit and collateral.  LHOME does not compete with traditional mainstream financial institutions.  If a prospective loan client can obtain a low-cost loan with a bank or credit union, LHOME ensures that they do so.  LHOME exists to provide nonpredatory loans to small business owners and homeowners who can not get high quality loans from banks or credit unions. Please contact us today if you would like to serve on our Loan Review Committee.

LHOME’s Advisory Committee helps LHOME create products that solve problems for our underserved small business and home owners.  Diverse community members, real estate professionals, small business lenders, and other private and public sector representatives meet once a month to vet product ideas, improve on existing product and service offerings, and assist with strategic planning.  Please contact us today if you would like to serve on our Advisory Committee.

What We've Achieved

The need for a community development financial institution was realized by the leadership of Jewish Family and Career Services and the Metropolitan Housing Coalition.  These two nonprofits formed LHOME, with the aim to provide greatly needed low-interest, credit building loans to low-income Louisvillians.  The two agencies realized that much of this work was well suited for organizations with a deep history of providing affordable housing.  LHOME now operates with the support of JFCS and MHC, along with that of the Housing Partnership and New Directions Housing Corporation.  

For more specific information about how we've helped individuals secure loans in Louisville, read our success stories