Working Capital Loans

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Marcus, Pride Consulting, LLC.

Making a home is nothing new to Marcus, he has done it many times. After serving his country and returning home to Louisville as an Army Veteran Marcus founded Pride Leadership Academy to teach young folk some basic construction skills and how to be responsible members of the workforce. Marcus has been directly responsible or involved in the rehabilitation of several homes in West Louisville. He is making his mark in a positive way in our community, one house at a time. He is involved, informed and stays connected to community plans and projects. LHOME is pleased to provide working capital to another home improvement project supervised by Marcus. Keep an eye on S. 39th Street as another home gets brought back to life and made livable. This is a neighborhood Marcus grew up in and is now making a difference in, a neighborhood Marcus is still proud to call home. Also, keep an eye on your TV for a documentary which features some of Mr. Harris’ work. Recently a film crew interviewed Marcus while in Louisville doing a story on Butch Mosby, Founder and President of Sponsors 4 Success. The nationally known journalist, Soledad O’Brien who directs the documentary will present the series some time in November-stay tuned.


Pamela, Sweet Peaches, LLC.

As a single mother, she is the proud owner of Sweet Peaches, a restaurant and bakery serving delicious baked goods and savory items out of the Russell neighborhood. Twice a day she delivers meals to an adult living facility. In December 2018, she catered Home Sweet LHOME, our first annual celebration, and we were thrilled with the results. Later that month, we were able to provide Pamela a $6,000 Working Capital Loan for her business. She planned to use the loan to help her rent space in the Community Ventures’ Chef Space and buy materials for the holiday season. Additionally, she plans to expand her restaurant and baking space into the building next door to her current location. We also connected Pamela to Louisville SCORE to provide her with financial coaching and advice to scale her successful business. We are pleased to have been able to help Sweet Peaches expand and continue to be a welcoming, delicious establishment.